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Published: 12 June 2024


UD Trucks celebrates the 20th anniversary of its flagship heavy-duty truck, Quon. In alignment with its "Better Life" purpose, UD Trucks remains steadfast in its mission to break boundaries and tackle climate change while delivering high-performance trucks and services. Quon embodies this commitment, offering smart, sustainable solutions that reduce carbon footprint, increase fuel efficiency and deliver lower cost of ownership.

In 2004, UD Trucks became the first truck manufacturer to introduce Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology globally, with launch of Quon. The development of the SCR system and establishment of a nationwide supply network for AdBlue®, essential for nitrogen oxide purification and emission reduction, has set an industry standard.

More Than Just a Truck: A Sustainable Solution
The logistics industry faces many challenges: surging post-pandemic freight demand, driver shortages, and strict environmental regulations. Climate change, rising energy costs, and ethical sourcing concerns add further complexity. The company set a clear mission in 2004 - to develop a new heavy-duty truck that will reinvigorate the business and meet the world’s strictest emissions regulations of the time.

Quon rises to meet market demands through constant innovation, and by introducing advanced features such as UD Active Steering. This feature uses an electronic control unit attached to an electric motor over conventional hydraulic steering gears, ensuring a safer, more comfortable driving experience that reduces driver fatigue. Additionally, ESCOT-VI, a 12-speed automated manual transmission, provides improved gear shifting. It also suppresses fluctuations in fuel efficiency to enhance fuel economy, benefiting businesses and society at large.


As part of the Isuzu Group, UD Trucks is dedicated to achieving net zero CO2 emissions by 2050. Demonstrating its commitment, UD Trucks met Japan’s fuel economy standards for heavy-duty vehicles ahead of time with an 11-liter engine-powered Quon heavy-duty truck model released in July 2022.


Quon owners can also expect hassle-free maintenance through UD Trust Service Agreements. These agreements offer customized maintenance strategies based on vehicle applications, ensuring necessary preventive maintenance and comprehensive inspections. Quon trucks also gain from UD Extra Mile Support solutions, utilizing the full UD network for extensive vehicle assistance. This support covers the entire life of the vehicle, including training at the time of vehicle handover, the manufacturer’s warranty, UD Road Support, on top of reliable servicing by qualified technicians with genuine parts and UD Connected Services.


People-First Approach
Quon's dedication to innovation and a people-first design was recognized at the Japan 2017 Good Design Awards. The truck’s exterior and interior reflect design that “puts people first”. The exterior lower cabin design facilitates easier and safer entry and exit for the driver. Inside, the ergonomically designed dashboard, steering wheel, gear lever, and accelerator pedal offer excellent visibility and a smartly prioritised instrument panel. The modern black and silver cabin enhances the driver’s experience, creating a comfortable environment for focused driving. Additionally, advanced safety technologies such as AEBS (Advanced Emergency Brake System) and Driver Alert Support are equipped to ensure safe driving.

"People power our progress," says Fabrice Gorlier, Senior Vice President of UD Trucks International Sales. "Quon is designed with a people-first approach, featuring advanced technologies that enhance drivability, fuel efficiency, and safety, providing drivers with a secure working environment. We are dedicated to making life better for both people and the planet.”

Looking Ahead: Continued Innovation for Smart and Sustainable Logistics
For two decades, Quon has been the preferred choice for heavy-duty trucking, delivering exceptional performance and reliability. UD Trucks remains committed to exceeding customer expectations and supporting the evolving needs of the logistics industry through ongoing research and development, as highlighted in its latest 2023 Sustainability Report.

Aligned with its "Better Life" purpose, UD Trucks demonstrates their dedication to go the extra mile through best-in-class technological advancements and sustainable practices. By creating safer, cleaner, and more efficient transportation, UD Trucks is paving the way for a brighter future for transportation, benefitting businesses, people and the planet.