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Published: 27 May 2024

Hammar the World’s Leading Sideloader Manufacturer Celebrating 50 Years

Hammar Maskin Sdn Bhd, with a staff of 30, is part of the Hammar Group of Sweden, the world’s leading manufacturer of sideloaders. Celebrating its 50th year of global operations, Mr Justin Liew, Head of Sales, noted that it was important for the company to be represented at MCVE 2024 as it allowed the company to reinforce its position in the market. Liew remarked, “This is the fifth time Hammar has exhibited its products at MCVE, and this year we saw a good representation of visitors that included our valued customers and some new ones who were interested in our products.”


Liew noted that the company had chosen to exhibit its latest sideloader model, the 119-HS double-stacker for containers. He added, “It has two additional outriggers for greater operational stability. This is one of several features that will appeal to first-time users. They will also be attracted to sideloaders as they are an efficient way to handle containers, they are much faster for loading and unloading, and they provide a quicker turnaround, thus saving money. ” 


Liew remarked that the current development in Malaysian infrastructure is focused on West Malaysia, while in East Malaysia, the development is centred on building the Pan Borneo Highway, and sales of sideloaders are slower there than on the peninsula. While the priority is on building the highway, Liew is confident that port development, where sideloaders mostly operate, will follow soon afterwards.


The brand is well recognised in the market and has an excellent reputation for reliable and fast after-sales service. Hammar Malaysia has a strong focus on safety and the nation’s largest service centre for sideloaders. This includes 24-hour breakdown services in Port Klang and Pasir Gudang, Johor. Liew remarked that, fortunately, sideloaders do not involve complicated mechanisms, and any repairs that are required are fairly straightforward. “We train mechanics, especially those in remote locations, so that they can troubleshoot problems, and on the rare occasion when they can’t be easily resolved, we will fly in our experts to resolve the problem.”


The Malaysian company is part of the Hammar Group of Sweden, the world’s principal manufacturer of sideloaders. It began operations in Malaysia in 2003, and in 2005, Taipanco in Port Klang purchased 33 units to make it the largest fleet of sideloaders in the world. Celebrating half a century of operations, all its sideloaders are built and customised in accordance with full operational requirements and made to last at least 30 years. Their lightweight construction enables them to lift the heaviest loads with the highest degree of safety, ensuring safe, cost-effective and long-term operations. All sideloaders purchased this year will feature a commemorative 50th anniversary plate.