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Published: 24 May 2024

From three to four: MANN-FILTER Air Dryer Cartridges

MANN-FILTER is expanding its portfolio of air dryer cartridges and will be offering a new basic solution from May 2024. This will increase the number of different types to four. At the same time, the premium brand is aligning the colors of its existing cartridges with the market standard.


Air dryer cartridges are always used when compressed air systems require reliable protection. MANN+HUMMEL, the world market leader for air dryer cartridges, is expanding its existing portfolio and has developed a new model, which will be available on the independent aftermarket as a MANN-FILTER basic solution from May 2024.


The New White One
“Our basic cartridge is suitable for all applications with low compressed-air requirements,” explains Jörg Schömmel, Senior Range Manager for Automotive Aftermarket at MANN+HUMMEL. "It offers an optimal solution for continuous long-haul operation, where dry compressed air is important. Very little compressed air is consumed during long-haul use, meaning there is reduced abrasion of the compressor and therefore minimal oil entrainment. Consequently, “marathon runners” only need dry air, which is why the cost-effective basic solution is completely adequate. For the drying process, our new, white air dryer cartridge is equipped with a powerful molecular screen," explains Schömmel.


MANN-FILTER now offers not three, but four different types of high-quality air dryer cartridges - a white version as a simple solution for basic air drying requirements, a black one for optimum drying performance, a silver cartridge with coalescing filter for improved system protection against harmful oil droplets, and a golden premium version with additional stage drying and optimized oil separation for optimum protection under the toughest operating conditions.


From White to Black
MANN-FILTER has changed the previously white standard cartridge color to black, bringing the color in line with the market standard. This makes it easier for customers to find the best suited version for their needs.


“Whatever our customers need, we have the right MANN-FILTER air dryer cartridge in original equipment quality for almost every requirement,” Schömmel concludes.