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Published: 14 May 2024

CAPAS 2024 Opens this Week in Southwest China

The Chengdu International Trade Fair for Automotive Parts and Aftermarket Services (CAPAS) will celebrate its 10th edition from 16 to 18 May 2024. With an exhibition space spanning 50 000 sqm to house 690 domestic and international exhibitors, the fair features the latest achievements and trends in new energy vehicles, connected mobility, and aftersales services. Emphasising a growing contribution to the integration of industry and education, a series of fringe events are set to drive talent development in support of the sustainable growth of the region’s automotive industry. So far, visitors that have already pre-registered include players from 32 overseas countries and regions, as well as those from 27 domestic provinces and municipalities and 46 buyer groups.

Mr James Yu, General Manager of Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd, said: “Since its debut in Chengdu in 2014, CAPAS has been closely intertwined with the region’s growth in the automotive industry. Over the last decade, the Southwest automotive industry centred around Sichuan and Chongqing has grown to build up a strong presence in new energy vehicles, connected mobility, vehicle manufacturing, and core component sectors. The 10th edition will delve deep into the region’s unique industrial and consumer characteristics through a comprehensive product showcase and supporting activities, that promote the sustainable development of trade and investment, industry collaboration, automotive culture, and talent cultivation.”

Domestic and international brands to foster vitality in regional market
The rapid global technological revolution has put the automotive industry under a new spotlight, which CAPAS will draw attention to during the three-day show. In this regard, a collection of local and overseas brands, from the likes of Brazil, Germany, Italy, and the UK, will introduce a number of advanced technologies and services to the regional automotive market. Solutions are set to cover green and low-carbon initiatives, digitalisation, and intelligence.

In the field of components and new energy vehicles, Evamo, who joins CAPAS for the first time, presents an electrohydraulic power steering pump specifically designed for the Chinese market. Equipped with an electronic control unit that adjusts the energy consumption based on driving conditions, it can achieve an impressive 70 percent energy-saving, demonstrating green and low-carbon advantages. Henglong Group’s intelligent steer-by-wire system can be used in level three autonomous driving and above. In addition, the company’s Automotive Safety Integrity Level D (ASIL D) safety standards enable the precise control of vehicles to enhance driving stability and safety. Meanwhile, Fengchuan Powertrain brings their multi-gear electric drive system for electric vehicles, aiding hill start assistance, as well as enhancing power output, efficiency, and comfort.

The show’s repair and maintenance sector also welcomes exhibitors with a range of new digital and intelligent products. CurveRobot debuts with an intelligent spray robot that utilises 3D vision and image processing to accurately detect and identify the position and shape of sheet metal to improve both efficiency and quality. Furthermore, BALANCE presents their electric vehicle battery lift table with a hydraulic lift cart designed for servicing new energy batteries for various types of vehicles.

Elsewhere, the growing number of cars on the road is creating more opportunities for the accessories and customising market. Hoho is set to display the SMART SUNROOF, an electronic film designed for panoramic sunroofs in new energy vehicles, which can effectively block visible light and UV rays. The demand for body and paint work has climbed too. From this perspective, Botny will reveal their latest product that quickly forms a hydrophobic protection film with self-cleaning and anti-stain properties. It can enhance the original glossy appearance of the car’s paintwork while rapidly repelling surface water.

Other highlighted brands include FARET, Fras-le, Hongguan, Ironstamp, Lihong, LPR, Lucas, Shenghuabo, Songtian Motor, TMD Friction, Tuopu, YIHONG and more. They will showcase products covering vehicle manufacturing and components, aftersales maintenance, accessories and customising, and digital solutions.

Local pavilions to leverage collaboration
Against the backdrop of the Chengdu-Chongqing Dual-city Economic Rim, the regional automotive industry continues to leverage local advantages. From this perspective, CAPAS will also draw attention to this regional developmental strategy by hosting the Chongqing pavilion, as well as 15 municipal pavilions within Sichuan, including Nanchong, Suining, and Yibin. Exhibitors in these areas aim to identify collaborative opportunities within and outside the region. CATL, CRIC, FENGCHUANPOWER, GEELY, GRESGYING, and KAIYI AUTO are amongst those presenting cutting-edge technologies and products in manufacturing, R&D, battery solutions, smart driving and key components.

Meanwhile, industrial clusters from Anhui, Hebei and other provinces have organised pavilions featuring new energy and connected mobility showcases, consumable parts and components. For example, the Anhui pavilion will host Huangshan Male and Phoenixfilters. Also in this area, Defu Steering features their electrohydraulic power steering system for autonomous and new energy vehicles. Players from the Liaoning province also consider CAPAS to be an important platform for expanding in overseas markets. From this standpoint, representatives have amassed several leading companies in components and maintenance to exhibit at the show, including the likes of Fengcheng SDT Turbo and SHENYANG 245.

Fringe events to stay tuned with trends
During the show period, participants can expect to find 20 concurrent activities focusing on hot topics like new energy vehicles, connected mobility, transformations in the aftermarket, and talent nurturing. Influential industry leaders will share different perspectives about trends and market predictions in Southwest China’s automotive market.

CAPAS will also tackle the industry’s skills gap by probing into national strategies currently driving the high-quality development of labour in light of technological innovation and structural optimisation. Its integration of industry and education aims to promote talent recruitment and cultivation, and skills enhancement through training sessions, competitions, conferences, and match making.

In this regard, the debuting New Energy Vehicle Industry-Education Integration Zone (3G26, Hall 3) is a highlight of this edition, with a series of events fostering the communication and cooperation between vocational institutions and the industry. For example, Bee Intelligent New Energy will present an array of battery packs, motors and other related products, as well as host the New Energy Vehicle Diagnostics and Repair Skills Training (17 May 2024). From this standpoint, the International Automotive Industry Education and Talent Development Conference 2024 (16 May 2024) will delve into talent nurturing, new trends and strategies from the technological advancements under new energy vehicles and connected mobility.

In terms of talent recruitment, local vocational schools will bring lecturers and students to attend the fair, while more than 10 companies, including Chengdu Baojinyang, Sichuan Zhongyi and TMD Friction, will promote their job vacancies at the show.

Car filming represents a valuable skill in the automotive aftermarket. Across the three-day show, the National Automotive Service Skills Competition and “UPPF Automotive Decoration” Cup Film Maker Competition Chengdu Station 2024 (3R25, Hall3) will attract professional technicians from around the state to present skills in car window film and paint protection car wrapping installation. By adding new scoring criterion for green, safety and innovation, the competition aims to encourage green installations and raise the public awareness of automotive services.

These events will be livestreamed by mass media partners to local channels reporting on the latest updates from the fairground about talent development in the automotive industry. In addition to these activities for the integration of industry and education, other fringe events during CAPAS 2024, include:

Southwest Automotive Aftermarket Development Conference 2024 (16 May 2024)
Industry experts will share insights on the automotive aftermarket in Southwest China, covering new energy vehicles, digitalisation, exports and distribution transformation. Key agendas include:

  • Current Development and Demand Forecast of the Automotive Aftermarket in Southwest China
    Yun Cai, Deputy Secretary-General of Society of Automotive Engineers of Sichuan
  • The Key Points of Traditional Distributors Transforming Along New Energy Vehicle Business Develoment
    Xiangong Zhang, Founder of Kuaichetuan

China Automotive Industry Supply Chain & New Energy Vehicle International Cooperation Conference 2024 (16 May 2024)
The conference will focus on the safety and competitiveness of China’s automotive supply chain and explore a new ecosystem in the automotive supply chain. The discussions will also revolve around green opportunities and challenges across the entire industry chain in line with the “dual carbon” strategy. Moreover, the conference will give special attention to the prospects and obstacles in the regional industry chain amidst the trends of electrification and digitalisation in the automotive sector.

Car Customising Festival (16 to 18 May 2024)
Built upon previous success, the Car Customising Festival has captured the wide attention and involvement of the Southwest region. This year’s event features a dedicated zone for immersive and interactive cultural experiences in customising. Highlights include customised car model showcases like the Audi A3, as well as sharing sessions, and a VR simulated racing experience, with a chance to win an admission ticket to the Tianfu International Circuit.