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Published: 02 October 2023

Japan Mobility Show 2023

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (Chairman: Akio Toyoda) is pleased to announce the start of ticket sales today, August 30, for admission to Japan Mobility Show 2023, to be held at Tokyo Big Sight, in the Ariake district of Koto-ku, Tokyo, from October 26 (Thursday) through November 5 (Sunday), 2023. The show will be open to the general public from October 28 (Saturday).

The all-new Japan Mobility Show 2023 will give visitors the opportunity to discover an exciting futuristic Japan in which they can explore and interact with new products and technologies not only from the automobile and related industries but across a broad spectrum, thanks to the participation of domestic and overseas exhibitors and startups whose activities extend beyond mobility. In conjunction with the start of ticket sales, JAMA is also releasing a list of exhibitors at the show as well as new information on show events and programs.

Currently, more than 400 companies have plans to join Japan Mobility Show 2023, far surpassing the 192 companies that participated in the final edition of the Tokyo Motor Show in 2019.

To date, 140 companies have signed on to participate in Tokyo Future Tour, a cross-industry effort to show how different types of new mobility will help create an exciting future. Tokyo Future Tour will feature the following five events.

1. Immersive Theater–Welcome to the Tokyo of the Future!
Large surrounding screens with spectacular visual displays and powerful sound will enable visitors to immerse themselves in a spellbinding Tokyo of the future. Immersive Theater will be the point of departure as well as the gateway to the other Tokyo Future Tour events.

2. Life/emergency/play/food and Mobility –Interactive Show Areas Showcasing Future Mobility
Four interactive areas on the themes of life/emergency/play/food and their interplay with mobility will dynamically showcase how new mobility will impact life in the future.

“LIFE & MOBILITY” will feature, in a thrilling musical-like performance, multiple forms of new mobility and the roles they will play in transportation and cityscapes of the future.

“EMERGENCY & MOBILITY” will vividly depict how new mobility will be able to assist people in a natural disaster-prone country like Japan.

“PLAY & MOBILITY” will envision how some forms of mobility will enhance the enjoyment of sports and entertainment, through displays and activities that will fascinate visitors of all ages including children.
“FOOD & MOBILITY” will demonstrate the wide-ranging usefulness of mobility in agriculture, food distribution and preparation, catering, and other food-centered pursuits.

3. Startup Future Factory–Creating the Future of Mobility
This event will serve as a springboard for startups and top-tier companies to come together to create the future of mobility and will feature the Pitch Contest & Award and Business Matching Events programs.

The Pitch Contest & Award program will be held on November 4 (Saturday). Influential leaders in Japan’s startup world will assess early-stage startups looking for funding and the chance to pitch to potential investors to promote their business visions.

Business Matching Events will be held five times during Japan Mobility Show 2023. This program’s purpose is to act as a catalyst to accelerate development in the mobility industry by bringing together established mobility companies and startups to forge new partnerships and create new business ideas. Topics for discussion will include natural disasters, declining birthrates and aging populations, regional revitalization, environmental sustainability, and personal wellbeing. 

Business Matching Events Program Outline
Dates Oct. 27 (Fri), Oct. 30 (Mon), Oct. 31 (Tue), Nov. 1 (Wed), Nov. 2 (Thu), 2023
Call for entries August 24 (Wed) to September 22 (Fri), 2023
Entries contact

Note: Topics and dates are subject to change.

The Startup Future Factory programs will provide visitors to Japan Mobility Show 2023 with the opportunity to envision an exciting future based on innovative ideas from next-generation entrepreneurs.

4. Japan Future Session–A series of talks on the future in Japan
The Japan Future Session event will be a multi-day series of presentations focusing on the future of mobility and covering a wide range of topics, from sustainability to artificial intelligence to motorsports, leisure activities, toys, and more. Presentations will be followed by discussions which will be of interest to visitors from all backgrounds.

5. Personal Mobility Ride–Test Riding Next-Generation Mobility
This program will showcase near-future mobility in the final stages of development. Visitors will be able to test ride new types of personal transportation and experience the future first-hand.